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October 16 2010

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WNYC Street Shots Bruce Gilden
Tags: photography

October 02 2010

September 26 2010

September 25 2010

"low gravity" by andi.vs.zf at Strobist.com

FooGleRS (Flickr Groups RSS)

low gravity

by andi.vs.zf at Strobist.com

Canon EOS 500D lens: Tamron SP AF 28-75mm 2.8 XR Di LD Asp IF flash: 2x Canon Speedlite 430ex II (1.behind diffusor and the glass, M 1/16, trigger / 2. from the right, M 1/32 trigger) view my stream on black

Tags: photography

September 03 2010


September 01 2010

Tags: photography
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August 31 2010

[lajt @ lajt] It's really crazy that they found who was the sailor in 2007. After 62 years!...

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It's really crazy that they found who was the sailor in 2007. After 62 years! That is what he said about this day… What is amazing is that Alfred Eisenstaedt caught that moment on Aug. 14, 1945, McDuffie (the sailor) was in Times Square when the word came. “When I got off from the subway, a lady told me the war was over, and I went into the street yelling. I saw the nurse and she was...

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August 04 2010

[straycat @ straycat] El Trabajo de: Christophe Gilbert.

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Andamos Armados


Fotógrafo con base en Belgica.

visiten Christophe Gilbert.

vean mas después del saltoserie4_p_021




























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Tags: photography
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August 02 2010

August 01 2010

June 20 2010


May 26 2010

May 08 2010

    Just got a gorilla pod tripad via DealExtreme. Looks like the original one. But for €10, instead of €30.
Free Shipping from Hong Kong. I like it. Tons of cheap gadgets for geeks.    
Tags: photography

April 24 2010

Exklusiv: Salmon-Run für UW-Fotografen

DiveInside - Taucher-News

Lachse satt beim Salmon Run! Eigentlich sorgen die Parkwächter dafür, dass niemand auch nur einen Fuß in den Fluss setzt, wenn alle 4 Jahre Millionen von Rotlachsen beim größten bekannten Lachszug, dem Salmon Run, den Adams River (British Columbia, Kanada) aufsteigen. Dem bekannten Unterwasserfotografen Werner Thiele und seinem kanadischen Partner ist es gelungen, auch für heuer wieder eine...

March 23 2010

March 15 2010

7 Books No Photographer Should Be Without

Light Stalking

Photography is a visual form of art that is presented in many different ways and books are no exception.  Books also offer a way for learning the craft, reference and furthering your knowledge.  Here’s a look at 7 books no photographer should be without.

Photo by brewbooks

1. The manual that came with your camera. You’d be amazed at how much information is in your manual about...

Tags: photography

February 24 2010

Schöne Fotos auf Knopfdruck


Ich habe ja die Befürchtung, dass irgendwann – vielleicht in 20 Jahren – Photoshop einen Button anbieten wird der da lautet: Foto optimieren. Und ZACK, wurden Proportionsgesetze beachtet, die Größe angepasst und Bildelemente neu positioniert. Glaubt ihr nicht? Na, dann schaut euch das mal an:

Tags: photography

Tent Pole Light Stands: More Details


Due to popular demand, Swedish photographer Peter Karlsson has created a more explanatory video on his tent pole light stand. They run about 1 lb. each, and pack very small and flat. They can be a good option for traveling interior/portrait shooters.

Got questions? Peter is answering them in the comments section of his blog post. Oh, and take a moment to look at his portfolio, too. It is all...
Tags: photography

February 15 2010

Extraordinary LED Light Paintings [PICS]

Incredible photographs using LED light and long shutter speeds.
Tags: photography

January 29 2010


Wien: Versteigerung der ältesten Kamera der Welt « DiePresse.com

Der "Daguerréotype Giroux" ist die erste kommerziell hergestellte Kamera. Für die hölzerne Schiebekastenkamera wird ein Rekordpreis erwartet, das über 170 Jahre alte Geräte wird auf 500.000 bis 700.000 Euro geschätzt.

Tags: photography
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